Discover with Mireia Playà Cafes with Vegan Options

A day of September, with those elevated temperatures that appear at the end of summer in Barcelona, ​​we did our shooting for the launch of the FW21 collection. We were all excited with the result, and a bit exhausted as well. We decided that the best thing was to pause and have a coffee or a good matcha latte, the favorite drink of the Mireia Playà team.

We walked through the Poblenou, and stumbled upon a super cool cafe that recommended our model Laura Prim, also vegan. Initially, we went through the vegan cookies of peanut butter, but we stayed for much more. That day we made a Click .. Immediate with Syra Coffee.. Weeks later, they opened one to a couple of portals from our office. It seemed like a movie, what else could we ask for?

 This 2022 turns 7 since it began as a small cafeteria with a simple purpose: "That good coffee was a habit of all." Faithful al Less is more. From the first day they managed to achieve it with a clear mission: "Democratize good coffee", and move it to the palates through unique sites.

So your goal became a good coffee to take away. His first store was in the neighborhood of Gracia, And the story behind is that of Yassir Rais, the architect, who decided to bring this wonderful product to the fullest possible people.

Inside the bio Syra. We found what coffee does represent: "An experience more than just a comfort", What they currently define as an obsession and a love for the product from the farm to the cup, passing through the selection and the toast. They take care of every detail, which allows to build long-term relationships with producers around the world.

From the selection of coffee, crossing the tasting, the toast, packaging, training and disclosure, passes through physical stores, and online, they have. And it was that precise experience that hooked us at the Team Mireia Playà. Not only the quality of your products and vegan offer, if not the attention of each one of LXS baristas of the team, the smile with which we receive us, and the kindness with which you have annecdotes or our memory order is known.


For the brand Syra Coffe. the paramount is to keep in mind that coffee is a fruit, and As each fruit is essential that it is seasonal, of unique origin, of current crops and fresh toast. This concept, which we share from Mireia Playà, along with its sustainable values ​​make it an ideal combination.

In Syra, they establish long-term relationships and seek that each coffee family can invest safely on their farms, always paying the fair price. Work respecting each worker, establishing long-term relationships and with the value of fair trade is exactly what we encourage in Mireia Playà.

For our readers of other communities, we give them the good news that they have just opened in Madrid and soon they will be able to find them in cities such as Seville or San Sebastián. We recommend the cookie of peanut butter or granola if you are veganx like us. Banana Bread is also a wonder, and not talking about coffee with oat milk or the Vegan Latte matcha.