How to dress on Christmas Eve - 5 ideas you'll love

Christmas Eve is just around the corner and we have already started tabing our favorite outfits. Deciding what to get on Christmas Eve can be complicated, so today we bring you 5 ideas to dress at the Christmas holidays.

1. Brilli Brilli dress with high boots

A bright dress is always a safe bet to dress at Christmas. Sate the maximum match combining it with some waders. This type of boots favor a lot with mini dresses and they are an option 10 to face the cold with a lot of style.

2. The classic black dress with special boots

In this case they are the boots that carry the protagonism. Rescue one of your black closet dresses and complete the look with some Special boots. Are Crocodile print in red color are spectacular combined with a black dress with lateral opening.

3. A color dress you prefer with black booties

We have chosen this dress because it seems to us that it has a super successful color for these dates. But the color of the dress is not so important to get this outfit becauseThese boots They combine with everything! They are elegant, mega comfortable and with the detail of the buckle are ideal.

4. Monkey of glitters with black boots

On this occasion we have chosen some Black boots To combine with the monkey of brightness. Some ankle boots with high heel will be a success for which you want to wear long pants or monkeys.

5. Black monkey with ankle boots of a different color

We have fallen in love with this monkey with transparencies and we know that this kind of garments like a lot, so we had to include it on our list. For this outfit we have chosen a more comfortable heel and we wanted to add a little color with These boots that we also have available in Other colors. With what do you stay?