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Vegan booties to fit fashion

The frión season arrived and with it the new collection of booties of Mireia Playà, some Woman's booties Amazing that you can buy with or without a platform. The booties have always been present in your closet, it is the season that is thanks to its great versatility and comfort. They arrived to stay, and thus demonstrated with the great variety of options that exist. There are skin, with heel, without heel, basic cutting, camper style or with snake effect. His style is so diversified that each woman can find some booties for each moment or occasion.

Although the booties are associated with cold, more and more brands reinvent them and adapt to the months of element and even for the warmer days, made with lightweight and breathable materials. This season will be trend Campero style booties, Very used both in winter and in spring times, and the booties with laces and platform, some off-road that will give you a covered touch to your look.

Some vegan booties woman "made in spain"

These beautiful booties available in different materials and colors will be the new trend for this year, are designed by Mireia Playà in Barcelona and manufactured in Alicante (Spain). Great fan declared from the animals, from the creation of it, Mireia Playà does not use any type of animal material for the conception of her woman shoes. With the booties Mireia Playà you will enjoy fashion with a woman shoes that take care of the animals and the environment.

In Mireia Playà we know that every woman has her own style and this makes her unique and special. That's why we have a collection of Woman's booties Let them adapt to all the tastes of today's modern woman. The Hell booties They can be perfect for partying with your friends, combined with a blouse and a blazer of the most elegant. To go to the office or for the day to day, do not hesitate to put that oversize jersey and jeans with low cane booties that offer absolute comfort. I know your need, in Mireia Playà you will find a host of options for all kinds of different situations.

Comfortable booties for your day to day

This collection of booties is designed so you can enjoy a Vegan footwear Very comfortable and elegant on any occasion. Ideal to carry every day, these woman booties will make you enjoy a walk or a day at work knowing that you wear dynamic and stylish vegan shoes and bring you confidence and security. The wide variety of models we have makes you find elegant booties for winter, and others more off-road for summer.

Fall in love with the most retro boots not only for its original designs and prints, but because it is a few shoes respectful with animals and the environment. Take a look at our collection and discover what are the perfect booties for you. In the online store of Mireia Playà we have a current and varied selection according to market trends, and you can buy Woman booties From your home with the convenience of receiving it in 2 or 4 working days.

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