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Our vegan Khaki boots have to be yours if you are looking for something easy to carry but different at the same time. They are super comfortable to try on thanks to its lateral elastic. Sometimes there are clients that ask us to redesign a classic but giving it our own style. That's what I did with the Lindas; I kept the typical pattern of a Chelsea boot and gave it a small turn that has the Mireia Playà touch. Manufactured in Alicante by artisans ethically and eco-friendly.


Cut: vegan suede made with recycled fibers. 51% recycled polyester, 49% conventional polyester. +. Elastic vegan suede. 90% PL 5.5% EA 4.5% pu.

Lining and plant: Vegan, breathable and antibacterial skin appearance. 20% Viscose 55% PU 35% polyamide

Plant: Soft and removable plant.

Sole: Manufactured with expanded EVA rubber, a very light material that allows to achieve volume without adding weight.

Measurements or length of the interior of the shoe *: This model fits a bit narrow. Unless you have a narrow foot we recommend you take one more size and if you are between two sizes we recommend you to take the size upper.

36: 24cm

37: 25cm

38: 25.8cm

39: 26.5cm

40: 27.2cm

41: 27.6cm

* This measure has to be superior to the length of your feet. We recommend measuring the long interior of a boot / sandal that is good for choosing the most suitable size for you. If you are between two measurements, we recommend that you take the upper size.

Thickness Sole: 5cm


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