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Fashion heels based on the latest trends

The heels of the Mireia Playà shoes collection are characterized by having some designs clearly marked by retro fashion, but at the same time count on prints, details and decorations based on the latest trends in current fashion. All the fashion heels of our collection have been elaborated without materials of animal and first quality origin such as patent, antelin or vegan skin, giving a sophisticated and unique touch to the woman heels.

Comfortable heels without losing elegance

In Mireia Playà we know that one of the wishes of a passionate woman of the shoes is to find comfortable high heels. That is why all our heels have plants reinforced with foam and details such as buckles to give greater comfort and fastening to the foot. Between Vegan footwear With Mireia Playà heel stand out the 70s style wide heels, a footwear with a lot of glamor that, despite the passage of time, has remained a key element in fashionable fashion. Add with the comfortable but elegant heels of PLAYÀ that current, sport and sophisticated touch so unmistakable.

Elegant heels for all kinds of occasions

If you are looking for some Elegant heels how much can accompany a casual look and be the perfect complements for special occasions, our heeled shoes are the elegant heels perfect for you, as ours Black Dakota model. Fall in love with the retro shoes of our collection not only by its original designs and prints, but for being a respectful shoes with animals and the environment.

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