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Discover the shoes with Mireia Playà platform, a large collection designed especially to welcome the summer and to surprise you and your friends. We have separated the collection in shoes with flat platform and high-platform shoes although in both you will find that summer color that will give them that shine you are looking for in vegan shoes.

Shoes with flat platform

The collection of shoes with flat platform They incorporate a platform of 7.5 cm, a rubber sole and a cork platform lined in Rafia and Antelina. Mireia Playà has focused the collection by giving it that personal touch including summer colors that make highlight the flat shoe platform with the set that you wear on, either a soft blouse or a few shorts.

Shoes with high platform

The creativity of Mireia Playà has played a very important role in the manufacture of high platform shoes. For tall shoe lovers, you will find the shoes with breakstorm platform. The main properties of this type of shoes with a platform is the height difference between the front with an elevation of 6cm and the rear with a lift of 12cm. To that, we add a rubber sole and a single cork platform in the market.

The shoes with platform that transmit authenticity

Shoes are a very personal clothing that convey many concepts about that person. Mireia Playà has designed the fabulous collection of platform shoes In order for yourself to transmit authenticity. You will feel unique when wearing shoes with summer platform and some Vegan shoes of scandal that will create a unique style in you.

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