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Discover comfortable heel sandals embodying elegance and femininity

When women look for height in their styles, the well-heeled sandals are the perfect solution to endure all the day with elegance and femininity. The problem is that finding heels with extra comfort is sometimes complicated. In Mireia Playà we have focused on understanding the physiology of female foot to design our Sandals woman medium heel.
The result? You can get an idea if you look at our virtual gallery, but we already advanced that with some Sandals for Women Mireia Playà You will never end the day with chafing and uncomfortable pain when walking. You will not even remember that you had them at the end of the day! In addition, our average heel comfortable sandals have the perfect height if you want to stylize your legs inside any casual or formal look.

Sandals medium heel, a fundamental piece in your outfit

The middle heel sandals of our online store have been designed for women workers, tireless, brave and, of course, that they care about the environment and their conservation. Each of our pieces of Sandals heel They are manufactured without introducing any element of animal origin, which makes them today in fundamental elements in your outfits if you consider yourself a 100% sustainable and responsible citizen.
We do not like to find in the news that of the exploitation of workers, so we guarantee that any of our shoes, boots or heels comes from a fair work environment. Do not you love listening to all this? Well, we are sure you will love it even more when you decide to buy Woman sandals In our store and with it, you are contributing to improving the environment.

The middle heel, contributing height and keeping comfort

The medium heel is the perfect measure to feel elegant without losing comfort, right? Therefore, there are more and more women who wear this type of heels, even at work.
In Mireia Playà you will not have to tell him no to dressing sandals or a medium heel party sandals, if at first glance they are uncomfortable, because you have to try them to know that in our business there are no elegant uncomfortable woman's sandals.
In addition, the design is another of the strong of our store, choose a half-heeled average sandals made with recycled polyester, some comfortable sandals woman with wooden lined wood to fit tight jeans, or what do you say about some Sandals of average tissue vegan? If you buy Sandals Online Heel on our website, comfort and elegance receives from insurance.

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