In 2012 I graduated as a fashion designer from the Escuela Superior de Diseño - ESDI (ramón llull University) and later I started my career working for two companies in the sector.

At the age of 23 I decided to start a Vegan lifestyle and soon after I realised that I could not find, neither in physical stores nor on the internet, vegan shoe brands according to my ideals, lifestyle and aesthetic taste.

For this reason I proposed to my father, who had a professional career of more than 30 years in the world of footwear, to join forces to create a vegan shoe brand, with the ultimate goal of achieving a totally sustainable product.

Mireia Playà shoes are made in Alicante by expert footwear and leather goods craftsmen. Our manufacturers are backed by decades of experience in traditional production and now bring that same know-how and comfort to our vegan products.



In 2016 we decided to give life to a brand that reflected our values and that allowed us to share with the world the illusion of a better future.

This is how our brand was born, a project with a committed spirit, a shared illusion that offers the opportunity to enjoy a unique, moderna and enduring design, respecting our environment and therefore all those who inhabit it.

We promote a sustainable, responsible and ethical fashion industry. In addition, we believe in conscious and not impulsive buying, so we create objects to live them not to accumulate them.

From the knowledge and experience in the world of footwear, we created an honest and exciting project, to share it with people who, like us, want a better world