In Mireia Playà we work with footwear and leather goods factories in the Alicante area, recognized for its tradition and ”knowhow" in the manufacture of this type of products.

Mireia Playà is a brand born in a family business, that's why we like to work with factories whose origins are similar to ours. They employ entire families in different departments, and the work environment is close and approachable at the same time as professional and respectful.

At present, the manufacture of footwear Vegan it is not simple due to the particularities of the materials used and because traditionally, when a shoe was not made of leather it was considered of inferior quality, so the factories that knew how to work these materials, did not always get the best finishes.

This was the reason why we decided to work with factories with extensive knowledge in traditional and artisan leather and textile manufacturing, and with them we developed a method that allows us to obtain high quality results while following our vegan philosophy.



"Life is our reason for being”, and not only animal life, but that of the people who manufacture our products and that of the planet on which we live.

From the beginning, it was very clear to us that we wanted to produce in factories that could ensure that the craftsmen who made our designs a reality worked in decent working conditions and received fair wages.

This is one of the reasons why we chose a production in Spain, because it is protected by Spanish and European labor laws and because we can also easily visit them to check with our own eyes what the situation of the workers in their workplace is.

It is very important for us to be transparent and that our customers can be sure that our products respect animals, humans and our planet. For this reason we have joined the “Who made my clothes” project of Fashion Revolution with the aim of showing you whose hands are making your Mireia Playà.