Pay in 4 installments without interest!

Clearpay Mireia reaches Playà so you can pay in installments quickly and easily without paying interest on your purchase. How does it work?
1. Clearpay divide the cost of your order in 4 installments, automatically charged every 2 weeks, the 1st being made at the time of ordering.
2. Easy process, without special approvals or slow steps, you just have to indicate your data.
3. Pay the actual price of our products without interest or added extra payments *.

Why buy Clearpay?
- Buy now and later skuas +
- No interest added.
- When you receive your shoes you've only paid 1/4 of the price and pay the rest only if you decide quedártelos.

The simple payment processClearpayconsists in:

1. Select Clearpay as a payment method on our website.
2. Indicates an email which have easy access
3. Enter your phone number.
4. when filling your data, do not worry, it's very basic information.
5. Clearpay has already calculated your monthly payments.
6. Check the collection dates of your monthly payments and indicates the credit / debit card you want the charges are made.
7. Process completed, your Mireia Playà are on their way!
* There may be extra fees if fees are not paid on time.
If you have any problems during the registration process or after making your purchase, you can contact Paga + Clearpay and later through the following phone and email: