According to the material with which your Mireia Playà be manufactured, the cleaning and care process may vary a bit. We advise you from reading the following information carefully:

Before vegan: Vegan suede can be cleaned with a little delicate soap and a clean rag moistened with water. click here To see a video in which we explain the process :). In addition, this material It can be wet And it will continue to maintain its performance and appearance once it is dry. In case it is not waterproof, in case of having some model that we will indicate it in its description.

Before stamped: Our prints with Lizard Stain, Leopard and Stars About vegan are cleaned like the one before vegan without stamping, but we must watch and not scratch too much to avoid damaging the print.

Engraved Snake, Engraving Coconut, Vegan Napa Manufactured with Corn, Elastic Napa, Vegan Charol: Clean with a damp cloth without soap to remove the dirt and dust that we can find on the surface.

Vegan Potro: You can brush a little with great care. We do not recommend wet

Wooden heels: It is recommended to clean them with a very well drained wet cloth. They can wet but we recommend not doing it too much.

Latex soles: We recommend that it is cleaned with water and neutral soap or for delicate clothes.