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You've been asking for this type of vegan boots and finally we can present our Lola! They are available in many colors, these are manufactured with a biosynthetic material made with corn and polyester that comes from recycled bottles. Vegan footwear from Mireia Playà has been manufactured with sustainable materials and cruelty free that respect the life of animals and the planet.


Cut: PU made with 40% vegetable polymers that come from corn and 60% synthetic polymers. The basis of this material is made from recycled tissues that come from plastic bottles.

Lining and plant: Vegan, breathable and antibacterial skin appearance. 20% Viscose 55% PU 35% polyamide

Heel: Wood lined.

Plant: Double layer of foam that makes them soft and comfortable.

Sole: Synthetic rubber.

Time perimeter of the cane:

36: 29cm

37: 30cm

38: 30cm

39: 32cm



41: 33cm

Measurements or length of the interior of the shoe *:

36: 23.7cm

37: 24.4cm

38: 25.1cm

39: 25.7cm

40: 26.3cm

41: 27cm

* This measure has to be superior to the length of your feet. We recommend measuring the long interior of a boot / sandal that is good for choosing the most suitable size for you. If you are between two measurements, we recommend that you take the upper size.

Height Height: 6.5cm


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