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Cut: vegan fabric type ante made with Recycled polyester. and Print Type Lizard. 100% polyester

Lining and plant: vegan, breathable and antibacterial skin appearance. 20% Viscose 55% PU 35% polyamide

Heel: Campero style, painted sole effect.

Plant: double layer of foam that makes them soft and comfortable.


Size: this booty shoes a little narrow, if you doubt between two sizes we recommend you take the superior

Measurements and length of the interior of the shoe *:

36: 23.7cm

37: 24.4cm

38: 25.1cm

39: 25.7cm

40: 26.3cm

41: 27cm

* When the length of the sole or the plant in each size is indicated in a product, the measure indicated is the inner length of the shoe. See more information on size guide

Height Heel: 5.5cm

Manufactured in the province of Alicante, Spain, by expert artisans who work in fair working conditions.

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