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Mireia is inspired by butterflies to design the pattern of Vegan Sandals Frida, available in various colors, so that every woman can find the one she likes.

In Mireia Playà we reject the use of materials of animal origin for the manufacture of our vegan footwear.

Cut: Before vegan Lilac color with laminated lizard effect. 100% polyester
Plant: Before Vegan Color Lilac. 100% polyester
Lining: Breathable Vegan Lining and Antibacterial Camel Color. 40% viscose, 60% pu
Sole: Goma

Measure or length of the shoe inside *: 
36: 23.8cm
37: 24.4cm
38: 25.2cm
39: 25.8cm
40: 26.4cm
41: 27.2cm
* When the length of the sole or the plant in each size is indicated in a product, the measure indicated is the inner length of the shoe. See more information onsize guide

High heel:0.5cm

We do not use animals so that you go to fashion. This shoe, like all the products of the Mireia Playà brand, is carried out with vegan materials, that is, they do not come from any animal. We believe in the possibility of carving fashion and quality without having to harm the animals, that is why we work with the best suppliers of tissues and alternative materials to the skin.

Product designed in Barcelona and manufactured in the province of Alicante, Spain.

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