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In Mireia Playà we have a commitment to sustainability and little by little we are integrating materials and processes that make our products only vegan but also sustainable. Glory is an example of this commitment, are manufactured with materials Recycled origin and a sole 100% vegetable.

court: Vegan fabric type ante made with Recycled polyester.. 100% polyester
Lining and plant: Vegan, breathable and antibacterial skin appearance. 20% Viscose 55% PU 35% polyamide

Measurements or length of the interior of the shoe *:
36: 24cm
37: 24.8cm
38: 25.5cm
39: 26.1cm
40: 26.7cm
41: 27.3cm

* When the length of the sole or the plant in each size is indicated in a product, the measure indicated is the inner length of the shoe. See more information on size guide

PRODUCTION: Our sports glory is manufactured in Alicante, Spain. The vegetable sole is carried out in France through a 100% manual process
Vegan shoes approved by Peta

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