5 reasons to buy fashion made in Spain

Many times we talk about the fact that Mireia Playà is a brand of footwear Vegan and sustainable. We take care of animals and the planet, however, what about the people who manufacture our Vegan Shoes?

In this post we explain a little why we decided to manufacture everything in Spain and how we help artisans when we bet on a local fashion. 

5 reasons you should buy local fashion

1. Workers receive a fair salary and equivalent to the hours worked.

2. Aid to the appearance of new jobs.

3. Workers comply with the age of majority.

4. The working day does not exceed 40 hours per week and this has daily breaks.

5. All members work in a safe environment that complies with occupational risk regulations. 

When we buy clothes or Footwear made in Spain, we ensure that people who manufacture these garments work in decent working conditions and that they received fair wages. 

This is one of the reasons why we chose a production in Spain, because it is protected by Spanish and European labor laws and because, in addition, we can easily visit them to check with our own eyes what the situation of workers in their position in their position of job.

All Mireia Playà footwear has been ethically manufactured in Alicante. You can discover our designs with discount on our Online store :)