Myths of vegan footwear

Why do we create a vegan footwear brand?
Three years ago we created Mireia Playà.. because we believed firmly in the Possibility of vegan footwear keeping quality and performance of traditional skin footwear. At present we not only continue to believe that it is possible, but that season after season We show it.

What makes a woman hesitate if buying vegan shoes is a good decision?

The experience has shown us that The reluctance of the woman to buy vegan footwear arises, practically always, of the following three affirmations:
- Vegan footwear has a very rustic aesthetic
- Shoes that are not skin are not healthy for our feet and do not breathe
- If they are not skin, they should be much cheaper

Vegan shoes

The greatest myth related to Vegan Fashion: "Vegan footwear has a rustic aesthetic"

Mireia made a transition to veganism in 2015 and, being a Design lovershe, she realized that in footwear there were no vegan alternatives to be Elegant, sophisticated, comfortable and quality. She for this reason she joined forces with Josep, her father, and she created a vegan footwear brand that responded to that need.
In Mireia Playà you can find a vegan brand philosophy, but also a passion for design and fashion.

The typical phrase that your parents will tell you whenever you want to buy some vegan shoes: "Shoes that are not skin are not healthy for our feet and do not breathe"

Traditionally, the footwear has been carried out, in large part of the cultures and societies of the planet, in leather / leather because it was a highly resistant material and that allowed perspiration of sweat. At present, and thanks to the advances of technology, alternatives that match or even exceed, the quality and benefits of traditional leather, which allow us to make CruelTy Free options and that they are increasingly close to sustainability. On Mireia Playà.. We use:

- Linings of viscose and polyurethane that, thanks to its microperforated and a specific treatment that is applied, are antibacterial and breathable.

- Polyester fabrics They imitate the suede and to which they are applied with or without color. We are working to offer these materials but of recycled origin

- Fabrics of vegetable or synthetic origin They offer varied aesthetics, give a poni hair effect to a snake print.

PU (Polyurethanes) that imitate the appearance and texture of the skin. This material usually generates enough rejection because Fast Fashion chains have used it to do economic productions. In our case, we only use high quality variants of Italian or Spanish origin, ensuring high quality and very good results, have nothing to do with Asian origin materials commonly used to reduce costs.

- PUS of vegetable origin:At present we are starting to integrate PUS of plant origin (come from corn), an alternative that will help us to be a non-vegan company but also sustainable.

The comment that Haters They usually leave us on Facebook: "If they are not skin, they should be much cheaper"

On many occasions we directly relate the cost of a product, with that of the materials that make it up. For shoes, we believe that the high price of a shoe is justified only if it is leather, but the truth is that there are many qualities and prices of skin and alternatives to skin and tissue, so that we can To find us in cases where vegan materials used are more expensive than some skins.
The cost of the material is not the main reason why a product has one price or another, otherwise who is behind the realization of the product, That is, the quality and honesty of the workforce. On Mireia Playà.. We manufacture our collections in an ethical manner in Alicante, an area of ​​Spain with a great tradition in footwear manufacturing. This means that All those involved in the manufacture of our shoes have dignified and fair working conditions and that their knowledge in the manufacture of skin footwear are applied to the manufacture of cruelty free shoes

Our philosophy is not only CruelTy Free / Vegan, but we also believe that human beings who are part of the manufacturing processes of our products deserve to be care and respected, and work to evolve towards a non-only ethical and vegan production, but Also sustainable. 
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