What are Vegan Shoes?

When we indicate that in Mireia Playà.. we make Vegan shoes, most people ask things how What is vegan footwear? or And what are you made of? With this post we want to explain all this and much more, Are you ready to enter the world of Vegan Fashion?
Mireia Playà..

First of all, and very important, what is veganism?

To all those who are the first time you hear about the term vegan It may look like a strange concept, but it really is very easy to understand.

Veganism is a life attitude consisting of respect for animals and rejection to consume (either ingest, dress, use ...) Any product whose manufacturing process or obtaining has involved death or damage to an animal. At food level we could include: meat, fish, eggs, honey, dairy ... Talking fashion Some examples are: skin / leather, wool, animal peel, feathers, angora, silk ... We can even talk about Vegan products in the Scope of beauty products.

The degree and requirement with which each one applies its veganism is totally free. I, for example, in my day to day I make a vegan diet in its entirety. As for the clothes cost me more, I still use the bags and shoes of skin that I have of the past, but when buying new products yes, I avoid being of animal origin. It is in the field of cleaning and beauty products where it has cost me to adapt.

What does Vegan Shoe mean?

When we talk about vegan shoes we make reference to shoes that have been made without using any type of material that comes from an animal, from the cut and platforms to the tails used to paste the different elements (yes, it is a pretty unknown issue but a Common ingredient in many queues are fish spines).

And then what materials are used to perform vegan footwear?

Currently, technology has reached at levels where breathable, antibacterial materials can be carried out, which do not fade and who also have aesthetics and benefits very similar to those of the skin, then why not use them?

For my collection I use what we call "alternative materials to the skin", then I explain some examples:

- Fabrics Type "Canvas" (made of polyester, cotton, polyamide ...) covered with polymers. Finishes of different ways to get diverse appearances (including skin appearance). These polymers used to be of synthetic origin, but now options of plant origin are being developed, which will help create much more sustainable products.

- The Microfiber, which are performed by mixing microscopic fibers at high pressures (a process similar to that it is used to do felt) and that they are subsequently ended up to obtain different aspects. These materials are breathable and antimicrobial and do not carry the chemicals that the skin has due to the processes of tanning.
- Fabrics Properly, from raffias to antanes or neoprenes, which can be of synthetic or organic origin and that offer many possibilities.

Present special attention to the linings since they are the materials that go in direct contact with our skin and have to be of the best quality, that is why we trust the best suppliers of the market to advise us and inform the latest innovations in The world of vegan materials.

You can learn a little more about this topic in this post.

Where do Mireia Playà shoes produce?

Our manufacturers are located in the province of Alicante., one of the zones with Zapatera tradition in Spain. In them, our shoes are mimous from the beginning and with the knowledge of the technical specialists in production we try to implement all possible improvements for your Mireia Playà to be comfortable and of very good quality.

The quality and knowledge of the world of footwear were some of the reasons that made us choose this area to produce our vegan collection, but they were not the only ones. Our main market is Spain and for this reason we wanted:

- Give work to companies and people in the area

- Have proximity to our production and development centers to reduce the large amount of waste that is generated when a product has to travel half a world to go from the production point to consumption (this is what happens when European companies produce in Asia) .

Do you worry about sustainability?

Sustainability worries us and we want to go little by little looking for more sustainable materials, whether recycled or organic. All of our boxes are carried out with recycled cardboard and we have reduced the contamination produced by transportation by having decided to manufacture in Spain. In addition, we do not use materials containing PVC, which is the most polluting plastic according to Greenpeace.

Summing up a bit, Mireia Playà performs Vegan shoes With alternative materials to the skin developed with the latest technological innovations and without damaging any animal in the process of obtaining materials or manufacture of the shoe itself. Our goal is to offer vegan footwear manufactured ethically in Spain while maintaining the quality and performance of traditional skin footwear.

Do you have any questions about our manufacturing process or the materials we use?
Leave us a comment and we will give you the answer!