5 steps to know how a high cane boot will go

If you have doubts when buying vegan high cane boots because you think about the comfort of your twins when you walk, do not worry that since Mireia Playà we have developed a quick guide so you can identify what vegan footwear is best.


  1. Measure the contour of your twin on the widest part. In case it is a low cane boot, it calculates approximately at what height I would stay and measure that area of ​​your twin.
  2. Go to our website and check the measures of the vegan boots in which you are interested. You will find them just after the composition with the title of "perimeter top of the cane".
  3. Keep in mind that on elastic models we put two measurements, the small size (which will be the first) is the perimeter with the relaxed tissue. The second measure, which will be greater, is the maximum extension that the elastic vegan boot will have.
  4. If the measurements of your twin fit within the values ​​indicated on the web, the vegan boots will be wonderful.
  5. If the boots you like are not elastic, there will only be a measure indicated on the web, and that will be the maximum measure, that is, if your twin measures more, the boots will be tightened. In the case of lower boots like Lola, you have to measure your twin in the approximate height that the boot cane ends.

Important: If the twin is between 36 and 42cm, for example (according to your corresponding size, this would be a 38) the elastic material will adapt to the leg without problem. If it exceeds the measure that appears on the web, it is probably not the best option for you as you will not go so comfortable and we suggest some vegan booties or vegan boots with a slightly lower cane. If, on the contrary, your twin is below these measures, nothing happens, there will simply be a little more space between your leg and the vegan boot cane.

We hope that these tips facilitate your experience in Mireia Playà and that if you have any questions you can review our Highlight on "Measures" in our Instagram for more information.