Mireia Playà makes a leap to sustainability with her new collection

We are extremely grateful for the reception that this collection has had. Has been pleasing to see the emotion by the new models of vegan boots, the unique and special colors in the Heeled boots, and the expansion of our Casual line Both shoes like vegan boots. We want to share with you today what is behind this collection, the materials and processes in which we have innovated.

One of the objectives of Mireia Playà is to be able to approach your shoes and vegan boots increasingly to sustainability. With each collection he has managed to take a step. This season gives a great step using in a 90% materials and tissues with some sustainable feature. A brand designed in Barcelona, ​​made in Spain, which will always bet by craftsmanship, proximity and veganism.

Mireia account, what in the new collection We will see an expansion of the line casual thanks to the high demand you have had in previous seasons, however the most elegant line with ours Heeled boots Follow present. This time there are vegan boots with thicker soles, similar heights, high heel shoes Extremely comfortable, type boots "Combat " and many vegan boots more designed to face us with Style and comfort To our daily routines.


Within the illusion of the brand, veganism has always been present as part of DNA and sustainability as a path traveled, but with anxiety to continue walking. In this new collection Mireia has a lot of illusion, and pride, than 90% of the Materials and fabrics It presents some sustainable quality.

In previous lines we have already seen evolution, but product development has more complex characteristics in winter by the pieces and elements that make up a boot. However, Mireia has dedicated himself to hear the sustainable flag with this collection, especially.

"We have managed to take a great step"

 Within the novelty, at the level of tissues and technology that presents this collection, there is a material Bio-synthetic that is done with corn, which this time is used in much of the collection. I used to be present in specific vegan shoes, but last year was a success, especially on the line casual, And now there will be many more options, both black and beige / cream.

"It's very cool, because at aesthetic level it gives a different touch, and the story behind is beautiful", Mireia tells with enthusiasm for an even more sustainable line. The recycled vegan vegan that has history with the brand will also be present because it has been introduced into various previous collections, and will remain present in pieces of this season.

It should be noted, that product development when we talk about a boot It is always more complex, and factories needed a machinery for this elaboration with which they did not count. After investigating new resources and processes, they discovered a new technology that makes them partially elastic. Explain Mireia how wonderful this method is from your own experience, always looking for comfortable boots, as it allows you to adapt to any type of leg.

If we think about a single woman who uses Mireia Playà is, she worth redundancy, something unthinkable. We should say that Mireia Playà is a brand designed by a woman, for women in the world. There is a very varied profile, from young girls motivated by having a more sustainable, responsible and conscious closet; As well as an adult woman looking for a comfortable shoe, which fulfills high quality standards and special aesthetics.

The result? A collection that is interesting for very different profiles. Of course, Mireia stands out that being more casual He imagines it in women during his daily routine. "I buy a battle booty for my day to day, it adapts to any Look, "Says the designer.