5 ways to recognize a truly sustainable fashion brand

Hello family! Today is the Environmental Day And we wanted to take the opportunity to share with you 5 tips or ways to identify when a mark of Fashion is sustainable (really).


1. Transparency

Brands that are really sustainable (do not fall into the Greenwashing), are precise and transparent in their communication. Look, for example, in the product description And see if they detail all the materials used. You can also consult if the web has a section where they explain how and where the garments produce and if this information is easy to find. 

2. The materials

A brand that bets on sustainability will probably use recycled materials In order to reduce waste and the energy that would require produce a new material. In Mireia Playà one of the materials we use most is the recycled polyester. We give A second life to plastics that are not biodegradable and who, otherwise, would end up in landfills or oceans.

3. The price

Look at the price. If it is a Sustainable brand, and therefore, it manufactures few pieces, produces locally Paying fair wages to your workers, use recycled, organic, sustainable materials ... What do you think should be the price of your garments?

4. The packaging

If we want to protect the environment, we have to bet on companies that take into account sustainability throughout the process, from production to the delivery of the order. It is useless to buy some Sustainable shoes If they arrive wrapped in a pile of plastic. In Mireia Playà we use sustainable packaging: the shoes are protected with paper and not with plastic. Likewise, the boxes, the seal and the envelopes we use for shipping are of recycled materials. 

5. Sustainable actions

The last key to recognize a sustainable fashion brand is to investigate whether they carry out projects or initiatives to help the environment. They can be all kinds of actions such as collaborating with an NGO, organizing collective cleanings on the beaches, placing containers to recycle their products, etc.

In Mireia Playà we collaborate with www.carbonclck.com to reduce the carbon footprint of the shipments we make. When making a purchase on our website you can make a donation that will be destined for various Projects such as forest regeneration or conservation. 


We hope that these tips have been useful and that they serve you as a guide to bet on sustainable fashion brands.

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