A corner of footwear, and almost a century of history

We share with you some stores where you can find Mireia Playà and enjoy a wonderful shopping experience in physical. Discover the story behind Pañella Shoes., a space in Sitges that has almost 100 years.

Four generations, two continents, multiple shops, and a pandemic later, thus live the passion for the world of footwear the pañella family. In the 1920s, Isidro Pañella began with a corner that, at the time he did not imagine, or capable yes, that almost a century later, would become a point of reference for footwear in Sitges.

Isidro Pañella goes to Cuba in 1925, and opens the first store of him that was called creation. He sold collections that he bought in New York, inspired by the fashion of the 20s. For 1933, Isidro had already become a father, he returned to Catalonia with his family and founded the first Pañella store, in the town hallmark of Sitges. This 2022, he celebrates 89 years selling footwear.

The generations pass through, and on the street Ángel Vidal, the granddaughter of Isidro decides to open a second very small store, which later she would expand two stores: one of man and another woman.

Carmen was always a woman with anxious to grow, she aspired by more, and she lived wanting to eat the world. She was making her way of her, little by little, and expanding the pañella stores. The second place they had in Angel Vidal was a woman, and years later, starting 2000 she opened another store, which then became a man.

Shoe store

Mireia Playà has been the first brand, before being a tendency and become a point of value for certain consumers, sustainable and currently the only vegan footwear brand you will find in Pañella..

Although you can get marks that make small capsules motivated by sustainability, or by veganism, Mireia Playà has always had veganism present in its DNA and its brand values. Just as it has always been a vegan footwear mark, Pañella has bet on Mireia Playà since the beginning.

Guillem Pañella, fourth generation in this footwear family, reflects on current trends and where we walk, and we go towards comfort; increasingly. On this occasion he tells us the experience of him with the pandemic, a crucial moment that he lived, together with the generational relief.

After such an important challenge, and of living those critical moments, Guillem comments on the passion behind the Pañella store. With a welcoming shopping experience, workers who dominate every detail, and have been working at the stores for years, he sits with us and has us brightly in his eyes how much he enjoys his work, and how lucky it is to continue walking The path that Isidro traced 100 years.

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