The 5 Languages ​​of Love according to Gary Chapman

Have you ever felt that your partner, friends or family do not do the same for you that you for them? Maybe you have felt that your partner does not seek physical contact as much as you, who does not tell you so many beautiful words or that your friends do not strive to find time to spend more moments when you do the impossible.

Sometimes, what really happens is that people have different ways of feeling and expressing love. Gary Chapman in his book The 5 types of love languages(1995) It reveals that everyone has a way of expressing and identifying the love of another person. And sometimes there is an incompatibility in these languages ​​in the members of the couple. As far as one expresses love in her way, but as the other has another way of living and understanding love, the result is that one does not feel loved.

According to Chapman these are the 5 languages ​​of love:

1. Physical contact: A hug, a caress, a kiss ... While there are some people who can get crazy with a lot of physical contact, for others, the lack of physical contact can be synonymous with rejection or, even, a reason not to feel loved by their couple. If your love language is physical contact it is possible that you do not feel so loved by an unfair person.

2. Gifts:Surely if you have not lived it, you have seen or heard it. It is the typical person who always gives your partner gifts: a trip, a surprise party, or any little detail. It is a language of love very employed not only as a couple, but also between friends and family. I think everyone will agree that we love that they surprise us with gifts and that they remember us. As we know that Valentine is just around the corner, we invite you to discover our collection of Vegan footwear To surprise your couples with a gift of the most special. If you are not sure of your gift, our Watermelon color kidney It can be a great option now that spring arrives. Also, in Mireia Playà we always offer the option to include a personalized note to your gift without any added cost.

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3. Affirmation words:This is the love language of that person who frequently needs to hear how much you love it, how important it is for you, etc. For some it is not enough with your partner to show you your love through acts. Of course the facts are important to them, but they also need you to confirm them by words what you feel so that they can feel safe of your love and trust that in the relationship goes well.

4. Quality Time: Many couples when they begin to live together are encountered with the problem that they do not spend enough quality time together. As they see every day, they give for fact that "they are together together". But spending physical time with your partner is not always to spend quality time. For some people it is enough to share the routine, but others need your partner to book a while for special plans. For people whose language of main love is quality time, it is vital that your partner proposes special plans and wants to get out of the routine, either going to the cinema, to dine out or making a trip together.

5. Acts of Service: It is the care and concern for the other person. Take a blanket if you think you can be cold, help you with your work or studies, constantly worry if you are comfortable, if you need something ... it is the predisposition to help, even before that person asks you.

We all have the five languages, only that more than others and we give more importance to those who are predominant to us. Knowing and understanding the different ways of expressing love is essential to perceive and appreciate the love that our loved ones try to transmit us. Likewise, knowing the love language of your partner and learning to return it in the same way, can significantly improve a relationship.