Sharing an illusion since 2016

It was that year, during a conversation between a father and a daughter, which is born a project that seeks to promote veganism and sustainability, with a product ethically performed and betting on proximity from its beginnings. He has the designer that her father (Josep Playà) and she founded the brand together. There were business needs from him extremely clear that came together with a concern that she had, was that melting moment that makes this dream come true.

Mireia Playà has always been a brand of vegan shoes because it was the lifestyle that her designer was adopting at that time, she says that: "I was traveling to veganism and when setting the brand we went hand in hand, both personal and at a professional level"

Mireia Playà Fashion Vegan

The brand breathes Mireia's lifestyle, and just as it happened with veganism in its beginnings, During 2018 the designer was more aware of sustainability and the importance of converting this principle into a fundamental pillar of the brand. It was in the 2020 collection when they provide more alternatives that they sought to support these sustainable principles.

Mireia started a more aware of garments from this moment, and from the world of fashion in general, just as he understood how circular fashion works, he discovered marks that bet on the proximity and was evolving his thought towards this path that proudly Go through today.

Mireia Playà Fashion Vegan

Mireia Account: "If the brand is a reflection of how I am as a person, because we have to adapt it and have a sustainable motivation". She explains Las Difficulties that exist in the footwear sector because they are products that have many components as a heel, a sole, etc.; and that it is extremely important as a brand also exert pressure in the industry so that little by little they can adapt to this new sustainable future.

With the actions that are made from Mireia Playà, it is possible to make the maximum within its product typology. These industries need a large investment at the machine level, as well as a major monetary investment, so they are changes that require a long-term, But the important thing is that they are already walking. For this, Mireia explains, that the products with these manufacturing, proximity characteristics, with fair wages and other similar qualities, have a higher price level, which in turn really represents the production behind and the high standards of quality.

In addition to sustainability and veganism, Mireia Playà is a brand that produces in Spain. For the designer this was a fundamental pillar, since the beginning of it. Not only for the rights of workers, a product performed ethically, being able to visit the factory constantly, but also want support an industry that in Spain has been very important for many years, and due to the relocation that occurred has lost a lot of strength, companies have closed, etc. "But if you nutres the industry of a country, in the end nutres your economy"Reflects Mireia.

Mireia Playà Fashion Vegan

Finally, she tells the challenges of carrying a personal brand. It is easy to get involved in each process, and also in each criticism you receive. On weekends she seeks to disconnect and enjoy her creative skills, her drawings, her cats, and many other activities that the designer likes, like the sport that is fundamental on her day to day . Outside the office there is another Mireia Playà that over the years has learned to separate these moments and to have the small oasis of it.

In a future Mireia Playà aims to be a more global brand, and involve other additional product lines to vegan footwear. You imagine designing clothes for the needs that you have discovered as a consumer, and the vacuum in the market to buy sustainable fashion brands with an affordable price to be able to bring sustainability to as much as possible.

Sustainable materials of proximity, which express a very mireia aesthetic PLAYA: color, joy, femininity with a touch of security and vitality for Women with clear ideas. Account the designer that "He has not finished finding a brand like that". It reminds us that this project goes from "Share an illusion", Make a team with the community and contribute the granite of sand from it.

Mireia Playà Fashion Vegan