Discover what is behind Immaculate Vegan, a vegan fashion e-commerce

Today we share with you 10 + 1 questions we made to the founder & CEO of this Market Place., Annick Ireland. A woman with an extremely interesting story behind, which like Mireia Playà has a vegan lifestyle, and sustainable, and seeks to connect with marks that are aligned with her values. So we started with our interview.

Sustainable vegan fashion

  1. When began to be the important fashion for you?

I have always been a great admirer of fashion, but never a follower of the Fast Fashion. My mother educated me from a very young woman to Save and invest in my garments, it was better to buy less quantity, but of more quality That they endure in time. For example, instead of having a large number of bags I prefer to invest in a Shopper, a shoulder strap and one bag They meet high quality standards, with a careful design that are timeless and last in my closet.

  1. What is the story behind Immaculate Vegan.?

I became vegan a few years ago and found difficulties in obtaining special garments of maximum quality that were vegan and sustainable. After investing a lot of time looking for brands with these qualities on the Internet and social networks, I discovered that there was really a variety of stylish vegan brands, but they were hard to find. So I started with Immaculate Vegan. As an Instagram profile to heal and share the best vegan fashion brands. I wanted to help the community to buy ethical and sustainable brands, and to elevate the vegan fashion profile and show the stees that can be!

  1. How was the response of the community when it was born Immaculate Vegan.?

It was incredible! I had so many messages telling me how enchanted (and surprised) that were seeing so many great vegan fashion options and with a lot of style. At that time they began to contact me many brands to tell me that they would love to be part of Immaculate Vegan. Because they felt that I showed a different and special side of Vegan Fashion. There I understood that it was necessary Create a platform where users could find, and buy, Vegan Fashion premuim It would serve to show a different beauty of the fashion we did not know.

  1. How has our way of consuming now changed that there are more vegan and sustainable brands?

Every time I see more sustainable and vegan brands born, and it is very exciting to witness the use of innovation in materials (such as recycled fibers, skin of Apple, skin of cactus and other materials of organic origin) I believe that having this option, along with the exhibition that these vegan brands are having, it is definitely helping consumers consider these alternatives and more information about the origin and production of what they buy. Because, both climate change and the Covid has helped to create awareness about the impact that our decisions generate in the health of the planet Earth.

  1. What challenges women have in the fashion industry? And what challenges have you encountered this project?

I think that One of the wonderful things of the world of fashion is the number of brands and projects led by incredible and creative women, but when it comes to getting investment funds, most of this area is led by men! Getting investments can be a challenger when it comes to a fashion brand (on the contrary, a secure technology business will get investment) since investors do not have the same attitude before an industry than the other; Although the fashion industry is one of the largest in the world, and that greater impact generates in society and on the planet.

  1. What do you think is the next step in Vegan and Sustainable Fashion?

I think we are all "Walking towards sustainability And that honestly it is complicated to be 100% sustainable, so it is about doing as best as possible with what we have available at this time. The good thing is that there are more and more options and alternatives of new sustainable materials and production processes. I particularly I am interested in the next generation of skins of organic origin that they use less plastic, or do not even include. As do more use of waste materials or renewable product.

  1. What important changes have you made in your lifestyle with a vegan / sustainable mentality /eco friendly?

For me the most important thing is Be aware of how much consumption, try to take care of the amount I buy, and if I really need it. I also try to reduce waste, especially when it comes to food, along with the material of the envelopes. For example, I now use to wash clothes washing products of organic origin (and of course vegans) that in turn use the minimum possible wrapping, or that I can go to fill it. I have begun to use solid shampoo, just like the soap bar (all plastic free), and try to buy food that does not contain wrapping or the minimum possible.

  1. What do you love your work?

I am very fortunate because I work with an amazing team, many incredible brands that share similar values ​​and purposes; And I have a very dynamic and varied work for nothing boring! But what motivates me most is focused on a project whose purpose (if it manages to be successful) is to help animals, the community and the planet; and of course help change the status quo Which I find extremely exciting and motivating!

  1. What do you like most about Mireia Playá?

I think Mireia Playà is a great example of what a vegan brand should be: trying to be as sustainable as possible, with the greatest use of possible sustainable materials, taking care of the production process, and making sure that its workers have fair conditions and salaries. Of course, without compromising the quality and style offered to their consumers, guaranteeing that you can See you amazing and feel amazing too!

  1. What is a great day for you?

It is always a busy and diverse day, but the best are those where you have a great conversation with someone; well be a new brand that I just met, or a new collaborator with which I am doing a Brainstorming of ideas, or a great meeting with my team. Also, I am extremely excited about the motivation in each of us for working towards the same goals and make a difference.

+1 What does an Annick Ireland outfit include?

For summer I love a Simple Dress and vaporous with sustainable materials such as tencel (also known as silk vegan) combined with a classic and minimalist bag, and a couple of Sneakers or Vegan sandals. Of the collection of Mireia Playà.. I am particularly in love with the Vegan Sandals Jessica. and Las Vegan Sandals Julieta. I want them in all colors!