Recommendations for a more conscious and vegan closet background

The basic garments will become a Must. for you. Your closet bottom can be extremely special, timeless and beautiful; We give you some tips for walking together towards sustainability. Of course, you can not miss our vegan shoes in one of your corners, along with our vegan bags. We mentioned some pieces present in the cabinet of the Mireia Playà team, and the vegan footwear that we recommend.

In the catwalks we see most often the use of basics that allow us to encourage an ethical and conscious fashion. Mireia Playà is born with these values, and we try to have increasingly sustainable vegan shoes collections. They will allow you to play with your looks as well as accessories, designed to give you personality and style to any outfit.

10 Suggestions Background Conscious Wardrobe

These garments never go out of style, combine wonderfully with everything and are suitable for any occasion:

  • White T-shirt
  • Shirt
  • American (blue - black - beige)
  • Classic cowboy (Skinny - Mom - Culotte)
  • Huntress
  • Denim jacket
  • Black dress
  • Palazzo / straight pants
  • Midi skirt
  • Classical raincoat

Recommendations of vegan shoes for a sustainable fashion

The basic garments give a lot of game, if you are looking for a more lookcasualthis seasonYou can combine your lifelong white t-shirt with your favorite cowboy and our vegan slippers Jolie against Camel, for example. To make it more elegant You can always resort to your American, or if you prefer the raincoat, and our Vegan Sandals Judith against Taupe. Remember that the accessories are ideal for a touch of color, as our River vegan against watermelon.

Outfits Sustainable Fashion Conscious Wardrobe

Never underestimate the power of these garments, as they will allow you to have fun with your closet and opt for a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle. Inside the basics we recommend we talked about the black dress that always takes you out of trouble. You can choose to combine it with our vegan boots Juno Before Black and look for a more risky look and complement it with your favorite hunter, along with our VEGANA VEGANA RANGONE For a monochrome outfit. Or, on the other hand, stylize it with our Vegan Sandals Judith against Taupe, and your favorite American.

Outfits Sustainable Fashion Conscious Wardrobe

If you are a lover of width / straight pants as the palazzo that allow stylizing and lengthen the figure, then nothing better than our vegan sandals Judith against Taupe, They are a wonderful option to raise a look and even opt for a more "sartorial" style and combine it with your American. Remember that, with the most classic outfits, accessories and vegan footwear will make a difference. If you have a total monochromatic look, you can add any of our Drinker To have a touch of your personality, and combine it with your Vegan SandalsJoana before watermelon.

If you are more skirts and you have a classic MIDI stamp, we have two options that you recommend to have fun with your conscious closet background. You can bet for your white t-shirt and our Vegan shoes Jolie. To be 100% comfortable, and use your jewelry jacket. If you want to use your skirt to go out to dinner, for example, you can place your raincoat and our vegan sandals Joana before watermelon, an ideal combination with our Fiñonra before watermelon. In the same tone.

Outfits Sustainable Fashion Conscious Wardrobe

Finally, remember that your white shirts (or the color of your preference) even those of your boyfriend or your brother, can become your favorite garment. Do you want to risk a little? Use your Biker Shorts and combine it with our vegan boots Juno Before Blackours Ransera de black. or stylize the look with a cowboy and our vegan espadrilles Jen against Acqua..

Outfits Sustainable Fashion Conscious Wardrobe

Our advice is to make a closet cleaning, as far as possible when the season changes, and that your consumption is increasingly conscious. There are always foundations that may benefit from the clothes you want to donate and so we can extend the life cycle of the product.