What colors will be trend this summer?

The daring tones have come to stay! After living a summer with certain uncertainties, we are prepared to give it all this year. We have anxiety of heat, hugs, life, sun, terraces, and of course to use our Vegan sandals Every day we can.

One of the wonders that we will have this season is the mix of colors. No matter if the Vegan sandals They have pastel tones like ours before vegan taupe, or if they have bright colors like ours before VEGANO turquoise. That game of tonalities that we think would not be well, because this is the time to take risks with the combinations.

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The tonalities of this season

You will see game of colors like pink with red, and black with blue. In our new collection of Vegan sandals You will have several options in order to enjoy trends this summer in a conscious way with a durable vegan shoe. If you want a tip, when you have colors from a counter chromatic range, you can use a more neutral tone like the taupe to get an ideal mix.

You can play with colder tones and combine our Vegan Sandals Jen against Acqua. With some purple garment, and give him a final touch with another white garment, for example. For more risky women looking for striking tones, you can choose our Vegan Sandals Ivy against Lima. and combine them with a pastel color like lilac to create a perfect balance in your look.

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How to put together an outfit "trendy" with our vegan shoes?

This year we continue to see low heels that allow us to combine in your look comfort and style. From Mireia Playà we have a line of Vegan sandals that meet these qualities offering a highly stable low / medium heel with more casual options such as Vegan espadrilles or a more elegant option like the Vegan Sandals Hippy.

We will see a return of the "Aesthetics Lady."With more sartorial and classic looks, for this we recommend some of the suggestions of Vegan Sandals mentioned previously, or even our Vegan Sandals Judith who have become a #best-seller this season. If you choose one more option casual Taking into account the sports looks that we can not stop seeing, you can choose our Vegan shoes Jolie., you will be 100% comfortable with sneakers Sustainable and Super Fresquitas. 

One of the greatest trends in footwear this season is comfort, reflect a widespread turn towards the Comfort From Mireia Playà we offer you highly comfortable and stable heels, with an ideal structure for your day to day, espadrilles with platforms that suit your rhythm of life, and sneakers that enjoy soil 100% vegetables Becoming vegan and sustainable shoes, promoting an ethical and conscious fashion.

What we can appreciate this season is an ode to the basics, fostering more and more a Conscious consumption with a sustainable cabinet. This has allowed to enhance the timelessness of the designs, one of the characteristics of the Vegan Sandals of Mireia Playà.