What inspires you to create a collection of vegan shoes?

Seeing the color palette of the Spring-Summer collection of Mireia Playà, little else remains to be done apart from smiling. Vegan shoes They generate emotion, joy, and many more feelings. The news Vegan sandals Presenting the brand have a motivating story behind.

Looking for the inspiration at a time when we were all locked up, and we lived a tough quarantine with high levels of uncertainty, Mireia decided to create a collection of vegan footwear that motivates us and transmitted hope. With exquisite tonalities, they could not miss colors in these vegan sandals such as turquoise and watermelon, she reminds us that the shoe is much more than a complement. It is a seal of personality, and in the case of Mireia Playà, it is the element that will allow you walking to sustainability.

A collection of vegan shoes inspired by cinema

Sitting in the living room of her house, Netflix Position in a film of 2001, Mireia manages to move the colors of Japanese culture to the collection of Vegan Sandals of her. She found in The trip of Chihiro The enthusiasm for conveying that desire to live, and the magic of that little 12 year old, in her vegan shoes and her spring-summer collection. Mireia Account: "When I started looking for colors to make real the letter, I searched images of The trip of Chihiro"And for this we see similar the watermelon of the new collection with the tone of Chihiro's Kimono.

Sustainable Vegan Fashion Inspiration

In the end, the collection was inspired by that feeling we had when we expected us to tell us that we could go out on the street, which would return the hugs and the afternoons of coffee. Mireia dreamed of making a very cheerful collection, and this is the feeling that Vegan's shoes from Mireia Playà, happiness.

The result? A subtle, female collection, full of personality, and vitality. What's new about Mireia Playà goes hand in hand with the evolution of her as a person, with her own style. The designer confesses that she has been able to find a midpoint between simplicity and the most complex patterns, the perfect point between what would be a trend shoe and a timeless shoe; For her that is very special when you have a collection with a sustainable focus.

Walking together towards sustainability

One of the objectives that always arises from Mireia Playà is to have a special vegan shoe that lasts over time, not only for its high quality standards, if not for a design that becomes a closet background. The idea of ​​conscious consumption is precisely this, and is one of the values ​​that Mireia seeks to transmit in her designs, along with the intrinsic vegan philosophy of it in each product, in vegan and recycled materials, and in a sustainable motivation.

The new collection not only exceeded the expectations of the designer, if not that she reflects on the difficulties she had during the production process of her vegan shoes because we went through a tough quarantine. The contact that Mireia could have with the physical product was transferred to the digital world, as many of us will have lived during the confinement.

 How is Mireia is currently? Wanting to expand the lines for future collections, taking into account the female point of the brand, but offering something else casual as well. So we will follow the evolution closely and prepare to travel the way to sustainability together.