Our vegan philosophy and the importance of walking towards sustainability

Veganism has always been, the essence of our brand. The designer began a vegan lifestyle at 23 years old and when she decided to create a brand of shoes she realized that it was going to be difficult for her to work with skins. That's how she was born Mireia Playà.., a brand of vegan shoes that since its inception was approved by Peta.



The Peta Approved Vegan seal is the certificate awarded by the organization in defense of the rights of animals PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals in English) to those non-food products that They have not used or damaged any animal Directly or indirectly in its processing, manufacture or handling.

What does this involve in your purchase process?

Well, it is assured that the product, in this case vegan shoes, does not contain tissues of animal origin, such as leather, wool or silk. In Mireia Playà we work closely with our suppliers to get materials that respect our values.

We like to stay up to date with the latest trends, so we promote the creation of new subjects and alternative choices to the skin, but maintaining and even improving their qualities and benefits.

Find out about the materials we use to manufacture vegan footwear

One of the materials that we most use in our collections is Antelina or an artificial before. This material is a vegan alternative to the traditional leather suede. In addition, being aware of the waste that is generated in the fashion industry, our suppliers reuse materials by giving them a new life. This is the case that we use in our vegan shoes, produced with 100% recycled polyester fibers.

We also constantly work with organic materials such as corn in our vegan footwear. Our NAPA manufactured with corn is a sustainable alternative to pus of synthetic origin. It is carried out in Europe, in a factory in Italy that is committed to eco-sustainable development and manufacturing.


Recycled materials Marga Sustainable Vegan


Finally, we tell you that our Vegan shoes They are manufactured with soles of vegetable origin. Through the solidification, and refinement, from the milk of the HEVEA tree that after an artisanal process allows a 100% vegetable sole, manufactured respecting the environment. You can discover more information here